The following details are required when creating a new order, for any payment method:

  • Currency
  • Amount
  • Payment method

Example of the HTTP headers for an order creation request:

POST /v1/orders/ HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic aHVudGVyMjo=
Content-Type: application/json

Example Payconiq request body:

  "merchant_order_id": "EXAMPLE005",
  "amount": 995,
  "currency": "EUR",
  "description": "Example Payconiq order",
  "return_url": "",
  "transactions": [
      "payment_method": "payconiq"

Merchant should redirect customer to the payment_url. On the payment page, customer will see a QR code which should be scanned via Payconiq App. As soon as QR code will be scanned - customer will be automatically redirected to the return_url if it’s specified, or to the hosted page with the payment result.

Performing the redirect

To make the actual payment, the customer needs to visit the URL supplied in the returned payment_url field. This should be accomplished by using an HTTP redirect.

As soon as the customer visits the payment link, the order status will change from new to processing.